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      Welcome to Shenzhen Hongson Technology Co., Ltd.


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      Service Hotline

      +86-755-2953 8966

      +860135 6073 3890


      Company Profile

      Company Profile

      Hongson Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known supplier of components and wires. At present, the company authorized agent/distributor brand and products are as follows:

       ★ Wieland products
      ★ Wago Whole Line Products
      ★ Weco products
      ★ Wago Whole Line Products
      ★ Molex Connecting Products
      ★ TE Connecting Products
      ★ Bulgin/Arcolectric Brand Product
      ★ JST Products
      ★ Stocko Contact Product Line
      ★ Techno Full Line Product Line
      ★ VS Lighting Solutions product line

      In order to meet the company's strategy and the growing needs of customers, the company has offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Tianjin and other places,  , in order to provide customer service and technical support nearby. The company is a strategic agent of Willard, Germany, focusing on lighting solutions including plant lighting, commercial lighting, modular building, "Our & nbsp; Talents, & nbsp; Your & nbsp; Solutions" is the company's vision, & nbsp; < strong > people-oriented, customer-oriented, sustainable development "is the company's business philosophy, professional, honest, efficient, win-win is our way to survive, Through our professional team and technology, we hope to provide customers with comprehensive one-stop value-added services.

      ABOUT US

      Contact Us

      Fax:  +86-755-27577165 
      MP:  +86   13560733890
      Email:   info@hongsonhk.com  



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